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new release...'guitar star'

Check out this fan-made video and some comments below.

Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, James Burton, the original 'Guitar Star' himself, proves once again why he is a legend in this rockin' song about a guitar player who plays his way from practicing in his room after school to worldwide fame and acclaim. Lance Wing wrote and sings the story while a blazing all star band lays the foundation for James to work his magic. Recorded at Cactus Moser's studio near Nashville with Cactus on drums, John Noreen on bass, Justin Weaver on electric rhythm, Gary Sadker on keys and James playing lead on his signature model Fender Telecaster. Cactus also co-produced 'Guitar Star' with Lance.

I have played with James Burton for years, both on stage & in the studio, on dozens of records & live shows, with Elvis as well as other artists. I have never heard him sound better, also a great and fitting song with a killer performance from Lance!
David Briggs - Famous Nashville Cats session player/publisher/producer

If you release a record called “Guitar Star”, it goes without saying you better have some amazing guitar work. Lance went WAY beyond that and collaborated with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Burton, also known as the “Master of the Telecaster.” For a song reminiscent of those James played on for Elvis and Ricky Nelson, he was the perfect choice. Great vocals, production, and plenty of smokin’ hot guitar licks. These guys put the “rock” in rockabilly.
Richard Chisum – Director/Editor, Chisum Multimedia

James grabs me with that opening lick, then he and Lance hold on to me throughout the song right up to James’ closing note. And the band is killer. Bottom line, ‘Guitar Star’ kicks ass!                
Jerry Abbott – Original ‘Pantera’ producer/manager and father of ‘Dimebag’ Darrell and Vinnie Paul ‘The Brick Wall’ Abbott

The 'King of the Telecaster', James Burton is showcased in this rocking, kicking, bluesy, twanging tune written & performed by Lance Wing. 'GUITAR STAR' is one of those songs that jumps right out and gets a hold of you...and you find yourself listening to it over and over again...with legendary guitarist James Burton proving why he's the 'Guitar God' that he is!
Nicky Harris - Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player

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